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At The Talent Experts Consulting, we’re dedicated to your success in the dynamic world of contracting. As a leading specialist in contract recruitment in South Africa, we excel in connecting top-tier contractors with premier employers across various sectors.

From short-term project needs to ongoing contract opportunities, our team of niche specialists ensures a seamless and successful recruitment process tailored specifically for contractors. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to contracting, we’re here to simplify the process and elevate your contracting career.

With offices strategically located in Claremont, Durbanville, and Woodmead, we’re well-positioned to serve contractors and clients alike.

The Talent Experts Consulting is a level 4 B-BBEE supplier.

Our commitment to quality, guided by our core values of Accountability, Quality, Collaboration and Integrity, ensures that every contract placement positively impacts both contractors and client organisations.





Why choose us?

At The Talent Experts Consulting, we bring depth and dedication to the contracting process. Here’s why you should choose us:

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    Specialist Approach

    Our teams are dedicated to contracting excellence, focusing on delivering top-tier talent across various sectors. We specialise in Contract Recruitment, Contract to Permanent, RPO, and MSP, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your specific contracting needs.

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    Personalised Solutions

    We understand that every client, candidate, and contract is unique. That's why we offer a personalised approach, crafting solutions that align with your strategic goals and deliver tangible results.

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    Robust Processes & Agreements

    Our detailed processes and agreements provide a solid foundation built on transparency and accountability. We uphold rigorous standards to ensure quality and trust in every contracting engagement.

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    Comprehensive Support

    From contract enhancement and contractor onboarding to strategic consultation and ongoing support, we offer holistic assistance throughout the contracting lifecycle, surpassing traditional recruitment practices.

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    Proven Success Stories

    Our clients and contractors attest to the quality of our services. With a proven track record of success, our testimonials reflect the positive experiences and outcomes achieved through our contracting partnerships.

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    Quality and Compassion

    Above all, we are guided by our core values of Quality, Compassion, Accountability, and Integrity. We believe in fostering meaningful connections and making a positive impact in the contracting landscape.

Choose The Talent Experts Consulting, where your contracting aspirations meet our dedication, and together, we create excellence.

Our people

Tanja Faux


Tanja is the driving force behind The Talent Experts Consulting, infusing the company with over 24 years of recruitment experience and a tireless commitment to quality… Read more

Mark Jurgens


Mark Jurgens brings a wealth of experience to The Talent Experts Consulting, with a storied career spanning operations management, strategic planning, acquisitions, integrations, and investor relations… Read more

Federico Tozzi


Federico Tozzi, a B.Com Honours graduate in Information Systems and Corporate Finance from Wits University, has made significant strides in the tech industry… Read more

Judy Engelbrecht

Manager, Contracting Services

As a seasoned Recruiter with over 26 years of experience, Judy Engelbrecht brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to her role as Manager of Contracting Services… Read more

Imke Gevers

Operations Manager

Imke Gevers serves as the Operations Manager at The Talent Experts Consulting, overseeing administrative and operational functions critical to the smooth operation and evolution of the business… Read more

Areas of specialisation

In the ever-changing landscape of the modern job market, we understand that expertise matters. At The Talent Experts Consulting, our strength lies in specialisation.

Each of our focus sectors presents unique challenges and opportunities, demanding a nuanced and tailored approach for both job seekers and employers. By focusing on these three domains, we ensure our team can provide in-depth knowledge, current insights, and tailored, effective recruitment solutions.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

In a world increasingly driven by digital technology, our team can help you navigate the complex landscape of ICT. From development to security, our recruiters have an intimate understanding of the industry, ensuring the best matches between candidates and roles.

Audit, Risk and Finance

As businesses strive to navigate regulatory landscapes and manage financial strategies, our recruitment team in Audit, Risk and Finance is on hand. We connect seasoned professionals and fresh talents with companies looking for specific expertise to navigate the complexities of today’s financial climate.


The Engineering sector is diverse, innovative, and continually evolving. Our specialists understand the technical requirements and the unique skills needed to excel in this industry. From civil to electrical engineering, and everything in between, we match the brightest minds with innovative companies.

At The Talent Experts Consulting, our specialisations are more than just sectors we work in – they embody our commitment to connecting exceptional talent with the right opportunities. Explore each of our specialisations to learn more about how we can help you in your career or recruitment journey.

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In today’s digitally-driven world, the demand for top-notch Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals has never been greater. At The Talent Experts Consulting, we are committed to meeting this demand with precision and expertise.

Our specialist team in the ICT sector has an in-depth understanding of the diverse roles and skills required in this rapidly evolving industry. From software developers to IT project managers, from data scientists to cybersecurity experts, we have the network and the industry insights to source the best talent for these critical roles.

Our long-standing relationships within the tech industry and our unrivalled access to a broad spectrum of ICT professionals make us uniquely placed to connect talented individuals with organisations that value their skills and offer opportunities for growth and advancement.

Explore the wide range of roles we frequently place in the ICT sector and let us guide you in finding your next exciting opportunity or the perfect candidate to drive your organisation’s digital transformation.

AI / Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer / Data Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Engineer / Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Developer / Scientist
  • Robotics Engineer / Scientist
  • Robotics Process Developer

BI / Data Analytics

  • BI Analyst
  • BI Support Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Reporting Analyst

Cloud / Infrastructure

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud / DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cloud Migration Engineer
  • Cloud Operations Manager
  • Cloud Solutions Architect


  • Content Manager
  • Digital Account Manager
  • Digital Campaign Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Producer
  • Digital Strategist
  • UX/UI Designer


  • Applications Manager
  • CRM Administrator
  • CRM Executive
  • CRM Developer
  • ERP Consultant
  • ERP Business Analyst
  • ERP Systems Manager
  • SAP Developer
  • SAP Business Analyst

IT General

  • Application Developer
  • BI Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Data Analyst

Data Scientist

  • ERP Consultant
  • IT Security Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Software Tester
  • Web Developer

Executive IT

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Customer Experience Managers
  • General Managers
  • Head of IT
  • IT Manager
  • Technology Manager
  • Transformation Managers

Security / Cyber Security

  • Cyber Risk and Governance Advisor
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • ICT Security Analyst
  • ICT Security Manager
  • Information Security Governance Manager
  • IT Security Analyst
  • IT Security Manager
  • Security Consultant

Project Services / Transformation

  • Business Analyst
  • Change Manager
  • Digital Program Manager
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Digital Transformation Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Transformation Manager        

Software Development / Testing

  • Application Developer
  • Developer
  • Developer Programmer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Quality / Testing Engineer
  • Test Architect
  • Test Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Engineer

In the highly regulated and constantly evolving world of Audit, Finance, and Risk, it’s crucial to find professionals who not only possess the requisite skills and experience but also a deep understanding of industry trends and regulatory landscapes.

We take immense pride in our ability to source and place individuals who bring value, integrity, and analytical rigor to these vital roles within businesses. From junior analysts to seasoned executives, we work across a spectrum of job profiles and understand the unique requirements each role entails.

Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network allow us to align the right talent with the right opportunities, whether it’s a mid-level finance role, a senior risk management position, or a director-level role in audit.

Discover the diverse range of roles we frequently place in the Audit, Finance, and Risk sector and let us help you connect with your next opportunity or the perfect candidate to enrich your organisation.


  • Audit Manager
  • Internal Auditor
  • External Auditor
  • IT Auditor
  • Forensic Auditor
  • Audit Supervisor
  • Financial Auditor
  • Risk and Compliance Auditor
  • Operational Auditor
  • Junior Auditor
  • Senior Auditor
  • Audit Director
  • Quality Assurance Auditor
  • Group Internal Auditor



  • Risk Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Operational Risk Manager
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Risk and Compliance Officer
  • Enterprise Risk Manager
  • Credit Risk Analyst
  • Market Risk Analyst
  • Risk Assessment Officer
  • Risk Consultant
  • Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
  • Operational Risk Analyst
  • Quantitative Risk Analyst
  • Risk Control Supervisor



  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Controller
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Finance Director
  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Advisor
  • Investment Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Tax Specialist
  • Financial Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Cost Accountant
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
  • Credit Analyst

The field of engineering is as broad as it is intricate. Its impact on society is immeasurable, and at The Talent Experts Consulting, we understand the importance of matching exceptional engineering talent with organisations that are shaping the future.

With deep-rooted knowledge and a network that spans across various industries, our specialist engineering team is well-equipped to understand the complexities and nuances of this discipline. Whether it’s civil, mechanical, electrical, or a niche area within the engineering sector, we have a proven track record of sourcing top-tier talent for these high-demand roles.

We take pride in our ability to make connections that matter – connections that drive innovation, fuel growth, and enable both organisations and professionals to reach their full potential.

Discover the range of roles we frequently fill in the engineering sector, and let us be your partner in finding your next big opportunity or the perfect candidate to spearhead your engineering projects.

Civil Engineering:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Water Resources Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Urban and Regional Planner

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • HVAC Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Project Engineer

Electrical/Electronic Engineering:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Control Systems Engineer
  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer

Chemical Engineering:

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Energy Engineer
  • Petrochemical Engineer
  • Food Processing Engineer

Industrial Engineering:

  • Industrial Engineer
  • Operations Research Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

Mining Engineering:

  • Mining Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Mine Planner
  • Drill and Blast Engineer
  • Metallurgist