The Power of meaningful References

Client references go beyond a simple endorsement; they provide a nuanced view of a candidate’s technical abilities, problem-solving skills, and adaptability in real-world projects.

Offering a thoughtful reference can impact a former employee’s career trajectory, while also reflecting positively on your organisation’s commitment to nurturing talent.

Here are some guidelines for providing impactful references:

Be specific: Highlight particular projects or accomplishments. Mention the technologies used, the scale of the project, and the candidate’s contribution.

Include Soft Skills: Mention communication, teamwork, leadership, and how they handled challenges.

Be Honest, Yet Constructive: It’s important to provide a balanced view. If there were areas of improvement, mention how the candidate addressed them.

Keep it Professional: Focus on professional achievements and behaviours. Personal opinions should not influence the reference.

Consent is Key: Always ensure the candidate has agreed for you to be their reference. Privacy and consent are paramount.

Providing a reference is a valuable opportunity to pay it forward, helping skilled professionals advance in their careers while aiding companies in finding the right talent.

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