Fear of change

If you are currently employed and in interview processes with other companies there is one thing that I can all but guarantee is going to come up – fear of change!

Change — it’s the only constant, yet often our greatest fear, especially when it comes to our careers. We’ve seen candidates energised by the interview process, only to hesitate at the finish line, gripped by this fear of change. I’m here to tell you –  this isn’t unusual; it’s profoundly human.

Whether you’ve been in a role for a decade or just a couple of years, the prospect of a new environment can trigger a chorus of ‘what-ifs.’ The familiarity of our current roles often feels like an old friend, making the unknown seem daunting.

What I share with my candidates is this: it’s okay to feel this fear. Acknowledge it. Understand that it’s a natural response to leaving your comfort zone. But also recognise that growth and opportunity often lie just beyond that zone.

The question is not whether the fear is present, but whether we’ll let it hold us back from potentially life-changing opportunities. So, when the opportunity knocks and the fear of change whispers in your ear, remember why you started looking in the first place.

Let that reason guide you beyond fear, towards new horizons.

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